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Ayanda Ncwane on her hair journey

She's the sovereign of showing up stylishly late, however when Ayanda Ncwane shows up, she turns into the beauty queen. 

While much accentuation is set on her easy and stylish style, another consideration grabber is her hair which we have seen in laid hairpieces, shading and in twists - among different styles. 

The Real Housewives of Durban star fills TRUELOVE in regarding her own hair venture. 

What is your hair theory? 

Each haircut assumes a part in the temperament and mental condition of a lady. 

Glancing back at your hair venture, which hairdo would you say is your top choice and why? 

I would say it's my laid weave. It causes me to feel hot, changed and I love the way that I can simply take it off when I head to sleep. 

What has been your most exceedingly terrible experience? 

I would say my most noticeably terrible hair experience was the point at which I had bleach fair hair. The tone slashed my hair off and I abhorred the cycle. 

What do you think your present hairdo says about you? 

I have regular short hair now and it certainly shouts fresh starts. I'm as of now progressing into another part of my life in all angles - business, mentality, objectives, relationship status, body objectives and so on 

What do you appreciate most about finishing your hair? 

The crisp inclination that says "go out and have drinks" and "don't even think about hitting the hay with that adorable new haircut!".


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Ayanda Ncwane


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