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2 Unique Beauty Standards Arount The World

There are different beauty standards in every place you go to, some are more popular than others and you might find some as weird because you have never seen them before.

Nevertheless, these beauty standards symbolise different things in all different cultures and they date way back to the beginning of time.

1. Scarring of the skin

Scarring of the skin was done for various reasons, but one of the most popular reasons was for tribe identification.

People from 1 particular tribe would get certain type of scarrings. These scars where mad by metal objects, brocken pieces of glass or anything that can cut through the skin.

2.Clay In Hair.

This beauty tradition is performed by individuals from the Himba tribe. The tradition requires the individuals to cover their hair and skin in a mixture of different oils and red clay, which gives them a red or orange hue to their skin and hair.

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