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A teacher that stunned mzansi as she reveals dress code to work and when she is at home


Meet the teacher who have been trending on social media about how she dresses to school. Many people were criticising her saying that she goes to school like that to get attention or distruct learners. She has been trending since last year and now it's a new year she is still trending.

This teacher last year got criticised for her dress code even now in 2021 she is still being critised. Well this teacher too it to social media at the beginning and proved to people that she is not wearing such clothes to distruct learners or something even not to boost with her body. She is only wearing like that because that her size, cut made for her and fashion.

Social media fond it hard to believe this teacher but then she doesn't allow them to discourage her or make her to change style. Other people because of this teacher are saying they are glad they did not grow up in times of smartphones otherwise it could have been something.

Other people on social media are very impressed to see that this teacher is really not doing it by in tensions cause even if she is at home she still wear such beautiful clothes.

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