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How To Be a Classy and Sexy Woman

Decide that you are the sexiest woman alive.

As you progress on your journey to becoming a classier woman, you will learn that the most important opinion about you is you opinion. If you don’t feel like you are desirable, you will be unable to radiate that hot girl energy and other people won’t feel it either.

Create a Classy and Sexy Wardrobe.

So here’s the thing… As I mentioned before, I am absolutely awful at fashion. I’m just not naturally gifted when it comes to outfits but I know that the first thing I need to do in order to be more classy is to start dressing like it. Dressing like the perfect version of myself.

Wear Sexy undergarments and loungewear.

For many years my lounge wear included old high school t-shirts, and my husband’s old sweatpants. But being sexy is also something you have to be for yourself, not just other people. Consider trading in your basic lounge wear for satin, sexy gowns, robes, etc. Trade in your boring skivvies for some super sexy ones. Experiment with different silhouettes, lace, mesh, and strappy bras and panties.

Mystery is sexy

An easy way to be ultra sexy and classy is to be a little mysterious! Seriously nothing is worse than someone who spills their entire life story at you when you first meet them.It has definitely happened to me before where I’ve introduced myself to someone maybe at a party or something and they have just spilled so much tea on their lives and I’m like…um okay.

Be classy on Social Media

Social Media is very much a large part of our every day lives, and so it is very important to be classy on there too. I see so many women falling for the basic Instagram model traps and it’s just not classy. Think what would Meghan Markle or other people in the Royal Family do with their social media. Here are the top things you should stop doing to be classy on social media.

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