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Eyebrows went wrong: checkup some of the worst eyebrow drawings.

It is amazing how every part of the makeup makes a huge difference like for instance if you remove all your eyebrows you will look like a completely different person.

Just like when you draw them back, your look will depend on how well you shape them, we have seen in the year's eyebrow trends come and go.

Some eyebrows can make you question yourself if the people have looked in the mirror or if they don't have friends because the drawings look strange.

I want us to look at some of the eyebrows that have gone wrong.

Before you decide to shave off your eyebrows you first need to practice how to draw and shape them, you don't need a lot of tools to get your eyebrows on the flick.

All you will need is an eyeliner that is sharpened a brush and a concealer to finish your look trust me you will never go wrong with the use of these tools.

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