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" I can't pay R1000 for a perfume " - a guy posted

Paying for expensive perfumes doesn't necessarily ensure you'll prefer the aroma over that of lower-priced fragrances. Some costly perfumes offer odd ingredients, however. The quality of some expensive perfumes may also be better than that of cheap perfumes. The decision of whether to spend a lot of money on perfumes should be analyzed carefully.

It might be worth spending more money on perfumes if the user is sensitive to certain ingredients. Some of the high-cost fragrances are made with natural or organic oils, making them less likely to irritate. Synthetic ingredients found in some cheap fragrances may cause skin rashes or other reactions. For someone who has sensitivity issues, buying expensive perfume may be worth the cost.

A guy posted that he will not pay R1000 for a perfume unless it's a 5L. People started showing off the type of perfumes, and colognes they are using and they cost more than the price the guy posted. One posted a collection that cost him R30 000 and added that one can never understand the pleasure of smelling good if you still complain about the prices.


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