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Is Eudoxie Yao's body natural or the work of surgery? Opinion

Our ladies they never stop going even for dangerous methods for them to look beautiful. Sometimes you would ask yourself a question whether this generation care about living long and healthy, or is just a matter of them looking beautiful today, no matter the consequences of tomorrow.

As long as today is served, that's what matters with this generation. The decisions that they take especially on beauty, some of them they have got side effects, serious ones, after a while. Even so they would do whatever it takes to satisfy today, even if it is at the expense of tomorrow.

I don't believe that no matter how much you bleach, how much you got your body enhanced, how much your muscles are enhances through chemicals or steroids, still such enhancement by chemicals, cannot last forever.

It is very unfortunate that most of them when they end, they leave a mark of regret that you can never forget. Some can even end up giving people chronics that will take them to the grave, may the Lord help our people.

If you look at her picture before, and her picture after, I think she was even more beautiful before than now. She has now enhanced thet body through surgery. I think she was very beautiful than the way she is now, but our people are never satisfied. No matter what you do, nothing beats natural beauty. As black as you are, as white as you are, as pink as you are, as brown or chocolate as you are, that beauty is far superior than chemicals.

Eudoxie Yao is an Ivorian Beautiful model, Actress, social media influencer, and entrepreneur who once claimed to have 60 diameter hip.

She never stops boasting how natural her curvy body is and people never stop insisting that she added a pinch of surgery to it.

Yao is no doubt bold and beautiful and her relationship with Guinea Grand p made her more popular as people wonder how a plus-size lady goes about having something to do with someone as small as Grand p

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