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6 Female Body Parts That Look More Attractive When They Are Long

The female body is built in such a way that the opposite sex finds it naturally attractive. Many women use cosmetics to enhance their appearance.

Some elements of the female body, such as a woman's hair, appear to be more appealing when they are longer or larger.

1. Hairstyles

Long hair enhances a woman's beauty and femininity, whether it's her own hair, a wig, or hair extensions.

2. Lashes on the eyes

When relatively long, a long eyelash can bring additional beauty to a woman's face. A long eyelash in a man's face may have the opposite effect, yet it enhances a woman's beauty.

3. The nose

Many people around the world, both men and women, have a poited nose that adds to their beauty.

4. The neck

A woman with a long neck appears more appealing and graceful. It is not necessary to have a long neck.

5. Nails

Long finger nails can enhance the beauty and femininity of a woman's hand, but not in men.

6. Legs

Long legs may make both a woman and a guy appear gorgeous and beautiful.

Other aspects of a woman's body may be beautiful when they are long, but we opted to focus on only 6.

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