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6 useful hair thickening products.

1. Emu Oil

- Emu oil is an organic product that has definitely been used for thousands of years by Australian Aborigines.

It is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and is also particularly effective for dermatological conditions. It has definitely been shown to increase the size of single hair follicles in all known baldness conditions, including androgenic alopecia.

Emu oil is very well tolerated, which means allergies are rare. Put a few drops on the slimming spot almost 3 times a day.

2. Resveratrol

- Resveratrol is the main factor that makes red wine "healthy".

It is a natural plant antibiotic that includes a large amount of polyphenols, which are essential to decrease the body's inflammatory response and boost the immune system.

It has a number of beneficial effects and is helpful in improving overall health and vitality. Resveratrol can be purchased in capsule form.

Several providers use resveratrol in their hair development supplements because it is believed to have a positive effect in reducing certain forms of hair loss.

3. Curcumin

- This spice is extremely important in Ayurvedic medicines. It is also known in the West as turmeric.

Turmeric / curcumin is an amazing antioxidant that has some really positive effects on the body.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory that prevents the expression of genes that trigger inflammation-related hair thinning. Curcumin can be digested in capsules on a daily basis.

4. Saw Palmetto

- This androgen receptor blocker is well regarded within the baldness community as a highly effective aid for genetic hair loss.

Saw Palmetto works by preventing DHT from binding to its equivalent receptor. This is the same system by which the popular drug Propecia works.

Saw Palmetto, however, does not have the same sexual side effects as Propecia, you can decide for yourself if this is a benefit or not! It is essential to buy a high quality supplement.

Saw palmetto can be taken at a dosage of 320 mg per day.

5. Black tea

- It has certainly been said that black tea significantly lowers DHT.

The lifeblood of black herbal tea when it comes to thickening hair is a flavonoid known as aflavins. Simply consuming black herbal tea won't give you the amount of aflavins you need to tell the difference.

You should buy a concentrated supplement to provide plenty of flavonoids to target any type of hair follicle thickening. Look for an amount of 350 mg.

6. Omega 3

-Doctors generally recommend omega-3 for those who need to lower their cholesterol. However, omega-3 is incredibly invaluable for many other ailments, especially inflammatory disorders.

Higher amounts of cod liver oil have definitely been documented to have been used successfully as a natural product to thicken hair.

You can get a very good volume of omega-3s from any type of fish oil supplement. Look for a good quality supplement and take 2 capsules per day.

You may have realized that this is a quality that most of these natural hair thickening products share. These are all anti-inflammatory agents, and the reason is that the inflammatory process is believed to be largely responsible for the hair loss of many people.

Finding food products as well as supplements that regulate irritation and the body's inflammatory response can go a long way in helping you fight thinning hair.

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