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NTULI: She made a dress with KFC recycle packages

Ntuli decided to make a fashion out of KFC recycling packages, which is a beautiful design she did. Instead of throwing them away, she was busy keeping them so that she would be able to make something very beautiful with passion and love.

She has been receiving a lot of attention on her timeline for the beautiful dress she made, and someone said that she wants a free meal from KFC. It would also be possible, but aside from that, she has a great skillset and she should continue making more.

According to the timeline, she is not hoping to get free meals but just to show how good she is with her hands. She could also receive a potential sponsor so that she will not have limited availability to further her skills on a big platform.

Surely, she loves the KFC franchise and also received a positive response. She could become an Ambassador for the franchise. It would be lovely for her and she would do it out of love with the KFC recycle package materials. She did something unique and beautiful.

It could be the start of something great for her. Even though she has received some no positive response from her timeline under the tweet, she should not focus on the negative energy and enjoy the final cut coming from her own hands.

The comment section is interesting because you can go through most of them and discover what other people are thinking for doing something great for him or herself. It is just great news and she should be happy for herself for doing well.

Your thoughts?

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