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Skin Care

"My girlfriend hands now look like this I truly hate cream" help how can she make them look normal

A man posted that he hate cream after he saw her girlfriend's hands like this. He said the cream was working perfectly fine before. Her girlfriend was looking beautiful and fresh but recently everything became worse. Her skin became lighter than being fresh and now she can see the blue veins. A lot of ladies might relate to this because most of them got selective skins. It will start functioning more than the way it is supposed to. Most people use different creams and they work differently on our skins. You can find two people using the same creams but looking differently.

So that is why the doctors advise people to go and check their skin type. If you do that you will know which cream is suitable for your skin and which one will damage it. Our body skins are not the same that is the reason that gets affected differently. You can find out that the cream you put on your body can damage your face if you put it on it. So every person must know their skin allergies this will avoid finding yourself in such a situation. Always listen to the doctors when you buy the cream so that you will use it in a good way.

People in the comment section were saying she was supposed to mix the cream with something else. If you want the cream not to be too much on your skin you must mix it with another lotion. By that, you make not to have the power to burn you. Well, a lot of people agreed with this and they said that how they use it. If she wants to go back to her normal skin she must just go and consult the doctor. They will give her other creams to use which won't be guaranteed that they might work on her skin.

Well, this has opened the eyes of other people that they need to be careful if they use the cream. Need to know your skin type so that you will buy the right cream. Please comment below if you think you might have a solution to her problem.

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