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Skin Care

A man finally speaks up after skin bleaching backfired

A man who goes by the name is Smethemba Nzimsnde left many people dishing out words of encouragement and consoling him. This comes after he took to Twitter to reveal how remorseful he feels after bleaching his skin.

In the pictures, It can be seen that this man was bleaching his skin all along and after he stopped breathing it, his skin is now not in a good condition. Taking to Twitter this man , made it crystal clear that he regret bleaching his skin "I will never bleach myself again" He comes clean.Twitter can build or destroy, but in the case of this man, Twitter users have gathered in trying to restore hope and retrieve confidence from this man. "You Dude, so sorry man. Hope you heal and your skin gets to be restored" Wrote a Twitter user. "Yar bra. Appreciate what you got, look at what you're left with now" Wrote another Twitter user.

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