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Miss SA Show Should Be Cancelled They are Racist Towards White People And Coloured Says white Woman

Ever since the Miss Show Peageant was started in South Africa 70 years ago only 10 black women have been crowned as Miss South Africa .All the 60 times it was white and coloured people in a country where 75% of the population is black .For the past three years the Miss SA has crowned black girls only .Zozibini , Shudu and Lalela Mswane .Unfortunately not many people especially the white are happy about this .

A white woman took to twitter to express how the Miss SA peagant has become racist .She says that the white and coloured should stop entering the show because they will never win


This is very funny compare the numbers of white people who have won the show and the number of black people and see if its being racist.Black girls deserve to win for years to come because before they were secluded from the show


Also this is a trigger to white people because having Miss SA who are black now shows that indeed black women are more beautiful and smarter and this is something that they tried to supress in them for the longest of time .Black girls are confident about their skin and are no longer trying to be like white people and this scares them.

Black girls must win Miss SA until the score is equal White people have been winning for the past 50 years so they must not complain when black women for the next coming years .After all Black are the majority so its only normal that they win .

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