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Moonchild Sanelly Needs To Change Her Hairstyle and Try A New Look - Opinion

We know that people who are in the entertainment industry and well-known have to have stage names or something that will make them stand out, especially when they are amongst other artists. This is why we have seen a lot of people who have stage names that are not their real names, and they come up with creative names that make them stand out and are also easy to remember, even though some artists use their real names.

Certain artists distinguish themselves through the type of craft or work they produce for their fans, as well as through the type of building or fashion they choose, such as this South African artist known as Moonchild.

Moonchild is a very different artist. She is not like other artists. She is different personality-wise, so it's different when it comes to the music that she makes and she is also different when it comes to her appearance.

But one thing that also stands out when it comes to the Moon Child is the hair on her head. Not only is it blue, but it is also braided using wool, and it basically looks like a mop. It can never be difficult to spot a moonchild from afar.

Moonchild Sanelly is a well-known singer who is best known for her hit Sugar Baby. Sanelisiwe Twisha is Moonchild's Rela Name. Originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, he now lives in Johannesburg.


Moon's hair has become a symbol of her brand, making it easier to recognize her.

She clarifies that the well-known figure is Moonchild Sanelly, not Sanelisiwe Twisha, because the two have distinct personalities.

The singer, who is known for her ghetto style and blue hair, prefers to keep her true self hidden from the public eye. She claims she doesn't want the two to be mixed together.


The singer once explained that the people of Butan, who let their hair grow into a Moppy form, were the inspiration for her hair.

Even though Moonchild's has great inspiration behind it and it also makes her unique, she has been having this hairstyle for a few years now and it is time that she tries something different. Maybe a different hairstyle with a different colour, or she can try a different hairstyle with the same colour, but it must be hard work to maintain the same hairstyle for years. Should a

moonchild change her hair?



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