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Ladies this thing is mostly found inside your bras and it scares most women this is why its there

Breasts are very sensitive that's why it's very much important to be careful when it comes to that area of your body, as they are at high risk of getting cancer, that's why it's important to know about certain things. Because you can never know what will harm you or what's goods for you.

As a person, there's nothing wrong in asking if you are not sure about something because you will keep quiet, and only to find out that you keeping quiet your life could be in danger. Social media is a great place to come and ask something if you are not sure about, as people we come across different things, and have a different experience, so speaking does help.

A picture of little white things that looks like pills was shared on Facebook by Dianah Whande on the WOMEN SKINCARE AND DISCUSSION PAGE, this happened after someone shared a post as she was scared and concern and trying to warn women to be careful when buying bras as she found those things inside her bra. And the first thing that comes to mind when you see something like what if this causes cancer?

Of which is what other ladies thought when the lady shared that post, but lucky enough some people in the comment section had some knowledge about what is this. According to some comments, this is a silicone bra and it's not harmful in any way it helps in shaping the breast well, and it's normally seen in padded bras. The purpose of this thing is to dry the agent to absorb any moisture at the time need.

So according to the ladies, this is safe, and this can help a lot of ladies as some people might return the bra to the store thinking it's damaged.

I hope this will help someone out there who thinks this thing is dangerous and harmful to their breast.

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