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Meet Princess Qajar, The Beauty Symbol of Persia For Whom 13 Men Committed Suicide

Even now, Princess Fatemah Khanum, often known as Princess Qajar, is regarded as a symbol of Persian beauty and is often referred to as such. There are many details regarding this royalty, however, that are unknown to the general public.

She was unquestionably thought to be attractive. Persian beauty standards during the Qajar dynasty period were vastly different from today's norms.

Even among working men, masculine attractiveness was seen as the ideal. Things that we would consider unsightly today, such as unibrows, ladies' moustaches, and double chins, were once considered extremely attractive.

Princess Qajar was, in fact, the most photographed woman in the world at the time of her passing. Her numerous photographs, which may be found in archives and, of course, on the internet, serve as evidence of this. She was, without a doubt, a symbol of Persian beauty, and her images continue to pique the imagination of intellectuals even today.

If the woman is indeed Zahra es-saltaneh, I have a strong suspicion that she is. She was a princess in the late 1800s, and she was also a highly prominent feminist, having been one of the first women to refuse to wear a veil.

TThirteen of her 145 suitors, all of whom were noble, committed themselves as a result of her reluctance to marry them. She had 145 suitors, all of whom were noble. Princess Qajar was married to Amir Hussein Khan Shoja'-al Saltaneh when she was 12 years old, according to historical records.

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