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Beautiful traditional dresses. WOW

Our diversity is what makes South Africa one of the most beautiful countries in the world. With 11 official languages, each culture embraces the essence of what it means to be an African through food, music, dance and fashion.

Most of the traditional cultures are very concerned about keeping themselves covered in a modest manner. Every culture provides the most modest clothes to wear according to their norms and values. That is why wearing the traditional pieces is not only great when you are on location and even does not hurts the modesty of others as well as upholds the decorum of your wardrobe.

Individuals in a few countries around the globe hold their cultural traditions very close to their hearts. These individuals prefer wearing their traditional attires, eating traditional food, and living a simplistic life. Talking about the ethnic clothes of a few cultures, we can see that they are extremely majestic. They often attract the attention of every person in the room.

Tradition changes slowly, with changes from one generation to the next being seen as significant. Thus, those carrying out the traditions will not be consciously aware of the change, and even if a tradition undergoes major changes over many generations, it will be seen as unchanged.

It has become increasingly common in recent years for individuals globally to dress in western-influenced clothing. In my opinion, this is a natural result of corporate and cultural globalization and is broadly negative.

The main cause of this phenomenon is globalization. This relates firstly to culture. The growth of the media industry generally and online media more specifically has spread primarily American cultural values. Individuals living in distant nations watch the latest blockbuster Hollywood movies, listen to the same singers and emulate their lifestyle choices including fashion. Secondly, mass production enables this homogeneity.

On traditional and aesthetic functions like weddings, you can still wear your traditional attire.

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