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All Star Converse Design Left People Amazed On Social Media

For decades, All Star Converse has been one of the most popular sneaker brands in South Africa, stealing people's hearts from generation to generation.

People in the comments area of the below post were enthralled by a snapshot of a rare Converse design, and they were speculating on where they could get a pair.

An individual by the user name of " Sphe @ Afrikanwolf " felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

On the 22nd of May 2022 around 8:31 PM , and captioned it " Where can i get it ? " , Grabbing the attention of the masses at once.

And so far managed to obtain a seazable amount of 126 retweets , 16 Qoute tweets and a whopping 1,120 likes.

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