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Here are Reasons Why Women Should Stop Wearing Underwear


The wearing of underwear has become a daily habit for the vast majority of women. They have grown so accustomed to wearing them on a regular basis, beginning with our earliest days, that they will continue to do so no matter what happens to them. But why do we put them on in the first place, you might wonder. Is it feasible that going commando will have a positive impact on your overall health? Yes, that is conceivable, and that is the solution. However, while it may be uncomfortable at first, this isn't the only factor that keeps most people from trying it out for themselves. However, after you've gotten the hang of it, you'll notice a big improvement in your health within a few weeks of starting the program. Additionally, as time passes, you will feel more at ease with yourself. Consider the benefits of not wearing pantyhose or a similar item of clothing, such as the ones listed below: 

1. It lowers the likelihood of contracting an infection. 

On rare occasions, infections can become highly painful and debilitating; however, no one wants to find themselves in that scenario. Some underwear, particularly synthetic underwear, blocks air from flowing in, resulting in the accumulation of excess moisture and germs, which serve as a breeding ground for infections, leading, among other things, in UTIs and yeast infection. 

2. There will be less chafing and irritation. 

Having problems with female chafing and irritation is something that many women deal with on a regular basis; if you are one of these women, going commando can provide you with relief from these painful circumstances. Underwear that does not fit properly might cause friction, which can lead to the development of various problems in the vaginal area. So either invest in well fitting underwear or simply refrain from wearing them entirely! 

3. It makes you feel more at ease and relaxed. 

In spite of the fact that it's reasonable to imagine that not wearing underwear will make you feel uneasy, the reality is quite the reverse. After a few days, you'll notice that you're becoming more comfortable and calm in your own skin. More to the point, because there is no moisture trapped, the odor is maintained under control, allowing you to be even more comfortable!! 

4. There is a decrease in the amount of bacterial migration. 

It is possible that the type and fabric of your underwear increases the risk of bacteria being transported from your anus to your vaginal area as a result of your choice. You may be aware that ureter infection is more common in women than men, and it is caused by bacterial growth in the genital organs, as you may have learned in the past. This means that getting rid of your old jeans could be really good to your health.


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