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Skin Care

Twitter makes fun of a guy who tried bleaching but it went wrong

For those who don't know what is skin bleaching is, skin bleaching is when someone feels uncomfortable or unhappy with the darkness of their skin so they decided to get creams to make their skin light.

Some is due to work purposes, for example so.e don't get roles on TV if they are not light enough so they opt to bleach their skin.

While some do it due to peer pressure, trying to fit in with others.

These guy allegedly bleached his skin but the results were not what he expected, because you can see in his pictures that his face got hurt.

He posted his pictures on twitter, and tweeps had a field day with him and start making fun of him, check some of the comments were made .

Seeing how bleaching has a possibility of destroying your skin , would you still take the chance to do it, let me know in the comment section.


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