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The new Adidas superstar sneakers left many in stitches

It is without a doubt that fashion is expanding. We see new designs each and everyday and some of them are fascinating. However with the Adidas new sneaker designs you will swear you have seen enough. This sneakers looks so weird you would wonder what they were thinking when making them.

Adidas revealed a new Superstar collaboration alongside TommyCash.Served as its longest model yet, the shoe arrives in a limited number of black and white pairs now available via raffle until March 3. Many people were fascinated by the way these shoes were looking. No one thought something like this would ever exist in real life. We normally see things like this in Cartoons or movies,turns out thanks I've changed.

Social media went on a blast laughing at these designs and 90% of the people making fun of the sneakers.I mean who wouldn't when they look this bad.One would ask themselves who would really wear this sneakers and to were.Below are some of the comments people shared about this shoes.Enjoy reading them they might make your night.

" I saw this post and had to double-check that it wasn't April 1st"

" this is just simply stupid,what the hell is going on with Adidas "

" there's no toe room,So no thanks"

What do you think of this new superstar sneakers design?,would you wear or buy it?.We would like to hear your view in the comment section down below ,please like,share and follow us for more interesting news

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Adidas Superstar TommyCash.Served


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