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So many beautiful Models on Facebook but they are still stuck.

So many beautiful Models on Facebook but they're still stuck.Getting rejected by agencies.Not meeting requirements to enter competition.It's very painful.There is what we call Instagram Model.Facebook & Tik Tok Model.This is where Models can get paid & recognition.If you wana be a Model on Instagram,Tik Tok & Facebook then it's very necessary for you to have a lot of followers.Not just followers but followers that will react on your posts,Comments on your posts.Know your your target market.Market yourself & Network with other Models & Bloggers.Once you start getting Followers this is what gona happen.Brands will start paying to advertise their brand on your platform.Artists will start inviting you to be part of their music videos.You get paid for that.You will always get to travel.Look at Faith Nketsi.Look at THE BOMB.We have so many Influencers that started as Instagram Models & they making cash today.Dont just wait for opportunities sometimes you need to make your opportunities.Modeling is a million dollar industry.

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