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If you ask me, the Xhosa are the ones with the most stunning traditional attire

People of the Xhosa ethnic group in South Africa are known for their colorful traditional dress and headdresses. A significant part of their culture is carried down through clothes. In the same way that well-known African prints like Ankara and Kitenge date all the way back to pre-colonial times, Xhosa garments have a long history. Beads, which are often small and circular in shape, enhance the outfits even further. These beads are made from a variety of materials, including bone, metal, glass, wood, and brass. Here are some of the most fascinating Xhosa women's traditional clothing examples.

The traditional Xhosa clothing business boomed in 2017 and improved styles followed in 2018. For anyone interested in wearing traditional Xhosa clothes, finding attractive and modern Xhosa apparel was next to impossible.

The following list of Xhosa clothing items can provide you some inspiration for what to wear or what to bring with you to your next appointment with your tailor.

Check this beautiful Xhosa tradition dresses, without a doubt they have incredible attire.

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