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Men Be Careful of Ladies You Meet Online, Checkout These Pictures of Ladies Before They Edited

Nowadays you need to be cautious of the things you believe from just seeing on social media. We live in a society where most are obsessed with being ‘perfect’, having the perfect body structure, the perfect facial features and everything in between.

With this obsession to be perfect most even resort to using mobile applications that will enable them to modify or even completely change the way they really look. Photoshop applications and editing applications that can easily be used on any smart device have given people the power to look anyway they want on the internet.

These pictures reveal just how different people look on the internet from real life before they edit their bodies and faces. Apps like Cumera allow one to completely change their body shapes and features, whilst others like Snapchat enable individuals to look like they have flawless skin, brows, lips, and an overall beautiful face.

Content created and supplied by: Thulisilethewriter (via Opera News )

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