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"My body, My rules" says Lasizwe after wearing a thong to Konka.

Everyone has the right to wear what they want but some people think some outfits are not appropriate especially for social events and gatherings. Lasizwe is currently catching heat on social media after he decided to wear a thong/g-string to the club.

This started yesterday when he was preparing his outfit to go attend the Konka soweto tour in Cape Town. He posted on his Instagram that he wants to wear a thong or gString to the event. He even documented the whole shopping experience and said he is using Uncle waffles as an inspiration.

After all that Lasizwe bought a black thong that he wore with his black outfit to the event and the outfit looked nice. But not everyone thought that as he is currently trending on Twitter.

Lasizwe isn't too pleased about trending and what people are saying about him. He posted on his Twitter account saying "So y’all are upset that I wore a Thong/G-String… yall are CRAZY!!! Kanti who’s body is it?" However another tweep thinks hes faking and just seeking attention and clout.

Lasizwe also took to Instagram and posted that "i wont be bullied this time. My body! My rules!"

While others are fighting Lasizwe, some are complimenting him saying he looked nice. A tweep said "Uncle Waffles definitely started something for the gurls....Lasizwe a LOOK was served here."

I think people should Lasizwe wear whatever he wants. Its not fair to always bash him even though he opened up about his sexuality a long time ago. I noticed that some tweeps are blaming this on his father not being present and thats not fair. If he wants to wear a g-string or thong then let him. If he wants to wear jeans or skirts then let him. For what its worth, he looks good.

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