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Wedding dress

Stunning Traditional Dresses That You May Rock On A Special Occasion

They all have one thing in common—they are all social activities that bring people together for a similar purpose. What to wear is usually a problem when you're attending them. The venue, the formality of the invitation, the weather, and often what everyone else plans to wear all play a role in what you dress to any of these events. However, there are still certain basic sartorial rules to follow. Remember that most dress code "laws" are more like guidelines—with a few exceptions, like not wearing white to a wedding.)

You can wear a flowy sundress, a glamorous maxi dress, or a chic shift dress to an outdoor wedding when the weather is nice. Dark colors like black aren't forbidden, but lighter tones, brighter hues, and more flamboyant patterns tend to work better. Colors such as blues, greens, yellows, and coral are ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of the landscape. Flat-soled shoes are best for any occasion where you'll be walking on grass or sand, such as a wedding or a beach party. Check out these following examples:

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