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10 Items every natural should have.

If your about to go natural, transitioning or decided to do the big chop instead and to start your natural hair journey, then you need to read this.

There's alot to learn when you go natural, so many products, accessories and tools to use and available on the market, so I'll you give you a summary, of what's the most import things you need to buy. - Click here

Read the list below, to get the tea on the products you need to buy.

1. Satin bonnet/scarf/pillowcase

2. Spray bottle

3. Detangling comb/Wide tooth comb

4. Diffuser

5. Curling cream/gel

6. Paraben free shampoo and conditioner

7. Leave-in conditoner

8. Oil (Olive/Jojoba/Black castor oil)

9. Cream/Butter

10. Deep Conditioner

These are all the items you'll need when you going natural, they not hard to find and available at a variety of stores like who have a variety of products from local brands, and your able to buy 3 to 4 items as a combo, as a "Wash Day Box" you can look at the picture below.

Hair Tools

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