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The club(Ayepyep) is only hiring skinny people, if you plus size no job for you. Twitter is enraged

The club is called Ayepyep lifestyle and they released this post recently.This post as you can see is telling people to come forward to look for jobs as hostesses but there's a catch,you can't be plus sized!

A lot of people were mad on Twitter for the club releasing this statement and even claimed that this is downright fat phobia.Who said plus sized women can't walk in heels or simply get people's orders right?or are they saying that plus sized women will chase away customers because they are not as pretty as the skinny ones.

Other people came to the clubs defense though and said Miss South Africa has been doing this for years but didn't get any backlash.Miss South Africa has never even once had a plus sized woman as part of their models but as soon Ayepyep does the same thing now it's an issue.

What do you think about this situation?which side are you on?comment down below

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