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Haibo Checkout What Ama2000 Are Doing To Get Skin Glows

Looking back in the early 2000's there was a time wereby ladies used to apply kiwi light brown polish on they faces as make up still remember those days? As strange as that has been to a lot of people that never really had some sort of negative impact on anyone's skin you know that right?

Well now that we living in times wereby the generation of today (ama 2000) seems to be facing out and coming up with they music and style, Looking at most of them makeup wise they do not look like the polish applying gang since they skins are oily in some adorable ways have you ever wondered what is being used to do that?

Well say no more have a look at the pics attached below to see what is being used for the oily glowing skins you see trending

According to my source: What happens here is that one just buys a condom then drain the lubrication inside it to apply it on they skin and just like that they get the skin glow up until they decide to wash the lubrication off. This sounds crazy right? Well have a look at what other people has said regarding this practice by simply reading some of their comments in the screenshoots attached below.

So now with all this being said and you looking at this practice from a view that this lubrication comes with a certain smell what is it that you have to say? I mean imagine going around with some glowing skin and that smell at the same time does such sound right to you or not?

Please write us some comments stating what you think in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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