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Skin Care

Easy Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Black Armpits

Easy at-home remedies

Many of the treatments to avoid skin discolouration of the armpits are very simple, they include:

– You must bath or shower on a regular basis

– Avoid shaving and wax instead: it helps reduce dark hair that makes underarms look black, waxing also removes dead skin cells.

– Exfoliate: When dead skin cells become more, this can give the appearance of dark patches. To exfoliate properly use a semi-rough sponge while showering.

– Try changing your deodorant: Some deodorants and antiperspirants can create an adverse reaction with the skin cells that produce melanin. 

– Keep your skin dry, especially during summer.

– Do not wear clothes which cause you to sweat and when exercising wear fabrics which absorb moisture

– Try not to use very hot or damp conditions

– Keep a healthy body weight.

However, if your armpits have already turned black, here are some easy at-home remedies which should alleviate the darkening:


They have a natural power of cleansing and antibacterial properties. To make your armpits look light once again, use a thick slice of lemon and rub it on the armpit then gently wash afterwards.


Potatoes have an acid which can be used to naturally ‘bleach’ the skin. Slice some potatoes and rub on your armpits and leave to dry, then wash off gently and repeat if necessary.


Cumbers have a natural bleaching agents so they do the same job that potatoes do. Just rub a slice on your armpits and leave the paste on an hour before washing off.

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