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A man bad mouthed Drip sneakers and get this response

You can clearly see that you were not taking care of the shoes and want to come bash someone's hard work. You're careless and negligent, this says a lot about you

It absolutely baffles me that people still don't understand the supply chain with these brands 🙄. China produces> you ask that they put your label > you import and mark up. 

Port clearing charges,maybe warehousing etc. But the latter isn't too much, unless duty is paid.

Unless this sneaker is 100% designed and manufactured in south africa. This may justify price...

Another psychological factor is: people are drawn to expensive brands because of the illusion of exclusivity. 

 I played Basketball from Grade 8 till Grade 11 in the same pair of converse.... Until I switched to And1 sneakers and played in the same pair for 4 years. I had to donate them as I stopped playing but they still looked good

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