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10 Unthinkable Things Women Did For Beauty

10 Unthinkable Things Women Have Done In The Past For The Purpose Of 'Beauty'

#1 The removal of freckles.

It is necessary to use a complicated apparatus. The Nostrils are filled in and the eyes are covered with a special, air-tight piece. Breathing is accomplished via a special tube. The Face's Sensitive Areas Must Be Cared For.

#2 In Germany in 1929, number 12 was a perm.

Personally, I think the size of hairdryers of the past to be the oddest. They're enormous, and they seem like something out of a science fiction film.

Alexander Godefroy, a French stylist, designed the first hairdryer in 1890. His seated version had a bonnet that was hooked to a gas stove's chimney pipe. Yes, Pandas, you read that correctly! Consider going to a spa and getting a pedicure.

#3 In Hounslow, London, in 1930, a policeman judges an ankle competition.

#4 Max Factor's Ice Mask from 1931

Keep two things in mind before you laugh at these ancient beauty techniques. To begin with, even if something is fashionable, not everyone follows the latest in beauty trends.

Second, if you think we've 'evolved' much beyond hilarity, turn on the television and tune in to an infomercial channel! The sights you'll see there are equally bizarre (and maybe even weirder).

#5 Woman Tans Using A Suntan Vending Machine, 1949.

#6 Miss Lovely Eyes Beauty Pageant Contestants in Florida, 1930, using masks to hide the rest of their faces.

#7 Customers get their legs painted in 1941 at a store in Croydon, London.

#8 Black Teeth, a traditional Japanese sign of beauty from the 17th to 19th centuries.

#9 Female Torso X-Ray With Corset.

#10 Hair Dryer 1920.

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