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Fans Upset at Mihlalis MUA Pricing.

Mihlali Ndamase recently launched her brand business, Malakyts which is a platform for creatives and artists to advertise and gain traction. Mihlali happened to put her profile on the website and indicated her pricing as R25k per beat, that's the minimum price. This means that the beauty guru charges 25k for a neutral and bare face beat. Fans were upset and thought this pricing was ridiculous, they said her work does not match up to this pricing. She is only good at doing her face, said one follower.

Many people thought it was an advertising strategy and it worked because she was trending number 2 on Twitter. Many people now, know about her business because of this incident. Indeed there is no such thing as bad publicity, any publicity is good publicity. Mihlali is one person who always trends for the wrong reasons yet everyone likes her, weird. I think it's safe to say people use her name to get followers and subscribers, a good name is better than riches they say; I think not! A good name is riches.

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