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Celebrities who were diagnosed with curable and incurable skin disorders

Skin diseases include all conditions that irritate, clog or damage your skin, as well as skin cancer. You may inherit a skin condition or develop a skin disease. Many skin diseases cause itchiness, dry skin or rashes. Often, you can manage these symptoms with medication, proper skin care and lifestyle changes. Here are celebrities who has skin conditions.

Lady Zamar

The singer has been suffering from acne, most people believe that acne affects teenagers or children going through puberty but as an adult you can still get this. The main cause of this in adults can be hormone changes or imbalances. Lady Zamar has suffered a lot of criticism because of her condition and it was not fair because people do not ask for this.

Leleti Khumalo

The actress was diagnosed with Vitaligo, a disorder where you slowly lose your melanin. Leleti was born fine but started experiencing changes with time. Vitiligo is not curable but can be treated to improve the appearance of the skin.

Refilwe Modiselle

The TV personality and actress was born with Albinism, a genetic inherited disorder which makes the body to not produce melanin which is responsible for your skin appearance. Other symptoms of albinism include white hair and pink eyes. The condition is not curable but people can manage it by staying away from the sun which has side effects. This condition is also one of the most stigmatized disorders in the world. Refilwe has shared how difficult it was growing up with this condition because she was bullied a lot. People need to learn and become more accepting.

Thembinkosi Mthembu

The actors suffers from acne but he has not allowed that to bring him down and affect his work as he is a great actor.

Brighton Ngoma

The former Scandal actor has also been diagnosed with Vitiligo, the disease started being visible on his hands.

If you are suffering from any skin conditions or have any skin problems please visit a dermatologist who will help you with treatment.


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Lady Zamar Zamar


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