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Look at these beautiful braids, for inspiration for your next salon visit

Protective styling comes in a variety of braids and hairstyles. It's the most easiet way to keep your hair maintained for a couple of days or weeks, and makes getting ready so easy, with less the hassle and stress of thinking about what you will do to your hair everyday.

Here are a few ideas and what you can do to your hair, in your next salon appointment, these are suitable for all occasions, work, school, holidays, but most important, such hairstyles also allow hair growth with proper care and maintenence.

1. Criss cross stitch braids

2. Passion twists

3. Braids with space buns and beads

4. Passion twists

5. Straight back cornrows with heart detail

6. Jumbo braids

7. Straight-up/Pineapple braids

8. Faux locs

9. Braids with weaving hair

10. Straight back braids

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