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She was spotted wearing this at a local pub, see below

(Source: - @AdvoBarryRoux)

If you're an outgoing person, then you'd see all sorts of dress code, some may leave you in awe and others will impress you. Unfortunately, not everyone will follow the same dress code as there's fashionistas nowadays that break boundaries. If you thought wearing soccer boots is mainly for sports purposes, then think again. As a picture of a woman rocking soccer boots at tarven has been trending on social media. According, to a Twitter user, the lady was attending a party in SSS Tarven wearing the soccer boots. Even though in most cases when women go out they opt for comfortable sneakers or takkies and even push-ins or flops.

Meanwhile, some women might wear high heels, but it depends on the event they're attending. When the picture of a woman wearing soccer boots started making it rounds on Twitter, it was visible that most people just laughed at the whole things. However, some individuals wanted to know the reasons behind her choice of shoes. We can't argue that the fashion has elevated over the years and people wear what they deem fit for their style. Others just want to follow trends and fit in with the rest of a particular community.

The lady in the picture wore a long-sleeve white t-shirt, navy jean and carried a black bag to match with her soccer boots. Also, she had blond braids and didn't forget her black mask. More often than not, you might find women rocking such fit around their neighborhoods. However, the soccer boots are still questionable though, if there's other women that can rock it at an event that's not sports related.

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