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'Shock| See 5 Unusual Women Beauty Standards Seen Around The World (Details)

Though western beauty standards have taken the world by storm, they are not universally accepted. Some cultures take their aesthetic standards very seriously, and it may be rather harsh at times.

Kenyan Maasi tribes have long earlobes.

For generations, Kenya's maasi tribes have stretched their earlobes; the older a person gets, the longer their earlobes get. The maasi women use various sizes of horns, pebbles, or rods to extend their earlobes over time. They adorn their earlobes with beads and other decorations once the stretching process is completed.

Southern Ethiopia's Stretched Lips

When a girl in the southern Ethiopia tribe becomes a lady, they begin the lip stretching procedure, and over time, she and her family will extend their lips until they are around 8 to 20 meters in diameter.

The woman will next place a plate with decorations in her lip; this step is significant since it is part of their culture's wedding customs.

Thailand's elongated necks

Women in a Thai tribe begin wearing brass coils around their necks when they are four years old, and as they get older, the number of coils increases. The coils around their neck eventually lengthen, which is considered a beauty ritual in their culture.

Mauritania's fat farms

It's hard to think that families would send their young daughters to fat farms to be pumped up in the Western world, but that's precisely what they do in Mauritania, where being curvaceous and having stretch marks is highly valued. For the sake of being able to marry, girls are taken to a camp where they are forced to eat up to 16 calories each day.

Ethiopia's Karo tribe has been subjected to scarification.

Scarification is an ancient Ethiopian Karo tribes ritual that involves women cutting patterns into their faces and necks with sharp objects such as glass or knives. It is a long and painful process that involves women cutting patterns into their faces and necks with sharp objects such as glass or knife.

Once the wounds are open, the ladies rub charcoal or gun powder into the incisions to make attractive markings when the wounds heal. Over time, the women can add numerous scars to themselves, and the only reason they continue to scarify is to attract males.

Which of these beauty standards do you think is a little strange?

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