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"I Believe If I Can Cut My Hair I Will Die," Says Mkhulu Who Never Cuts His Hair For Over 80 Years

Elderly People Usually Believed That Wealth Is On The Head Through The Hair Especially "The Grey Hair."

The Old Man believes that if he can cut his hair he will die. In that case, it is a biblical story of Samson whose power was in his hair and should they cut his hair he will become powerless. Amazing story!

A 92 years old man Nguyen Van Chien hasn't comb his hair nor cut it. He hasn't washed his hair about five metre long dreadlocks for over 80 years. Nguyen Van Chien lives in a prescribed faith that when someone born with something must be left untouched.

The old man is living a dream. The hair is only being nurtured and covered with a scarf to keep it clean and nice. Van Chien explained that his hair was once black and nice, he would comb it, thick and strong. He would untangle it to become smoothly.

Mkhulu had a divine power and that's where he knew that he was a chosen one. He would touch hos hair overnight and knew that it is attached to his head and became its own thing.

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