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Skin Care

5 great essential oils to keep at home.

Many people know the benefits that plant extracts and essential oils can have for both health and beauty. Whether it is making a beauty cream or formulating a cure for a skin condition, these natural products have numerous benefits, and several are worth having on hand.

 Here are five of the best essential oils you should invest in.

 The first great essential oil is tea tree oil, which is widely known for its benefits on various skin conditions including acne. However, there is much more to this oil than helping with this particular skin problem. 

In fact, as part of an effective home remedy, it can help with a number of ailments. Tea tree oil is particularly valuable because it has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. This means that it is ideal for treating dermatitis, eczema, fungal nail infections, athlete's foot, warts, and even insect bites.

 However, this oil is very strong, so it must be diluted so as not to irritate the skin. Besides tea tree oil, lavender oil is another essential oil to keep on hand for various uses. 

This oil is particularly known for its calming properties, and in fact, a drop or two of this oil on a handkerchief under a pillow at night can help calm nerves and act as an effective sleep aid. 

That said, lavender is also a fantastic option because of its antibacterial properties and, much like tea tree oil, can be used to treat insect bites and rashes. It can be added to household deodorants, household detergents and household cleaners as it disinfects and provides a pleasant scent.

Another highly recommended home oil is lemon essential oil, which is known for its refreshing and cleansing properties. This is also a powerful natural disinfectant and can be used in the kitchen to sanitize surfaces or in a bowl of soapy water to help sanitize anything you wash. 

This is also an oil that can be consumed in very small amounts, unlike tea tree and lavender oils and many other oils that can be harmful to health if accidentally ingested. For a quick and easy cold remedy, a few drops of this oil can be added to a cup of warm water sweetened with honey.

 Another great essential oil with numerous beneficial properties is frankincense, which is often used to calm moods and regulate emotions by inhaling its vapors when placed in a steaming container of hot water. It is also one that can be applied to the body during massage for the dual benefits of its calming aroma and the physiological benefits of a massage. 

This is another oil that can be used as a nighttime sleep aid, and it's also great as a skin moisturizer when diluted with a base oil. Frankincense is often used by those who want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A fifth and final essential oil to have around the house is eucalyptus essential oil, which is known for relieving coughs and colds.

 This can be combined with a base product and then rubbed on the chest as its vapors make breathing easier for respiratory infections. It's also a very refreshing oil, so inhaling its vapors is very good for people with a fever. 

It is a very strong oil, so caution should be exercised when applying it to the skin, first diluted with a base oil and tested for allergic reactions before extensive use. From tea tree oil to eucalyptus oil, here are just a few essential oils worth having on hand for their many benefits. 

These wonderful natural products can not only help with various skin diseases, but can also alleviate discomfort and provide practical help at home.

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