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Follow these easy steps to take care of your natural hair

Natural hair can easily get dry because of its curls and believe it or not if you shampoo your hair too often, the problem could get worse. This is when you should try co-washing.

Co-washing is basically conditioner washing where you will use a conditioner to cleanse your hair. This is completely different to the usual conditioners as you will be removing dirt by cleansing. Co-washing also helps you to hydrate and nourish your hair.

The advantages of co-washing:

  • It is not time consuming because you will be washing your hair while conditioning it at the same time
  • Co-washing will leave your hair feeling soft because there are no harsh chemicals
  • You will be able to retain your curls when you co-wash
  • It won’t be strong on your hair and scalp

The disadvantages of co-washing

  • Since there are no harsh chemicals included, it may be difficult to remove products that contain oils in your hair
  • If you don’t co-wash your hair properly, you may end up with too many products in your hair and scalp
  • Your hair could end up being flat if you use the wrong products

Avoiding using regular conditioners for co-washing since they are not meant for cleansing the hair. Regular conditioners also do not contain the important elements such as co-washers.

Here’s how you co-wash:

  • You need to wet your hair with warm water
  • When you apply your co-wash product make sure that your hair is properly saturated
  • Use your fingers to apply the product to scalp and start in the centre then move towards the hairline
  • Start from the roots then move to the tips
  • After these four steps, rinse your hair gently then repeat the steps again
  • You may then apply a moisturizer
  • You can co-wash your hair two times a week but also bear in mind that washing your hair too often can cause it to become dry

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