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Hair Care



Men have weaves, and this is how much they cost.

Men also want to know how it feels to live the high life these slay queens have been living, especially with some being deprived of doing certain haircuts because of increased balding.

These wigs might be a blessing for men without natural hair or whose balding had deprived them of being fashionable with their hair. These weaves may cost anywhere from R1k to R3k , price varies according to quality is it is with women's weaves.

Products that promise to grow hair are expansive and might sometimes be off little to no help. These weaves are easy to glue and need maintenance like normal hair, nothing a comb and hairspray can't fix!

The weaves come in different hairstyles for different tastes, and different races or preferences. Might actually be cheaper than natural hair, if you would like a switch in your looks. You can check your local hair store if you'd like to purchase some, a qualified hairstylist is recommended for correct fitting as this requires you to be precise.

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