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Human hair lace wigs.

Human external characteristics such as skin color, hair growth rate, hair color and height are genetically controlled. This therefore means that only the most complex gene therapy can change them. 

However, one property that has made superficial changes possible is hair color and its rate of growth. Many women around the world have a tendency to their hair; brings a sense of beauty and elegance. One of the most important ways to enhance the beauty of this hair is through the use of wigs. 

Wigs are worn on the head as hairpiece covers and are synthetic or made from human or animal hair. The main reason wigs are worn is for enhancement, others, such as chemotherapy patients, wear them to cover hair loss and also wear costumes. These wigs come in a variety of colors, designs, and textures. 

The most common type of wigs is the human hair wig and especially lace or lace frontal wigs. Lace wigs are the most preferred because they are easy to put on and create a real hairline.

These wigs are hand woven into the base of the tip of the scalp. There are three different types of lace wigs, and these include; 

1. Lace Frontal, your tip is on the front hairline and attached to the front of the head.

 2. Full lace wigs, with the lace covering the entire scalp and therefore this type of wig allows a different hairstyle than normal hair. It is most ideal for those who dress up as complete baldness. 

3. Full lace wigs have laces on the front and back. They are usually equipped with adjustable fasteners at the back to keep the wig comfortably on your head. 

Tips for repairing a lace wig.

 · The first thing to do is understand the type of color and the make of the wig.

Most lace wigs can have the lace glued to the skin of the scalp. The hair should be pinched and laid flat to accommodate the wig.

 The wig bands and hair strands are adjusted and styled according to your wishes and then fixed.

 · Make sure your skin does not react with the chemicals used in lace straps.

· Before attaching, make sure it fits well and looks the way you want it. 

The last tip is to take proper care of the wig, regular cleaning and adjustment should be done. After taking it off, keep it well on a wig stand. Always make sure you are using the correct quality wig and from reputable sellers.

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