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OPINION: Mashaba Must Know That Ruling a Country is not About Our Skin Colour as we Are a Rainbow Nation

"As Action SA we believe South Africa must strive to be a country where a person's potential to thrive, is based on their ingenuity and hard work, not the colour of their skin ~ Herman Mashaba

I like his vision and for this might or will have my vote but my hope is that it stays a working vision, and not just campaign promises. Your qualifications for work should not be based in what colour you are but on your true qualifications and capability. Your age should also not disqualify you from work, you should not be expected to be 24 with 20 years experience but if you are 70, sound in body and mind and still capable of working, of training a younger person in a trade or profession then you should still be allowed to contribute, to the growth of South Africa's economy

We do not need negativity because South Africa needs people that wants to make difference. Mashaba must not campaign using skin colours, his actions must be louder than this. We trusted the ANC for 27 years and it ended up a disaster, no more we need someone who will rule from heart

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