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People who took the culture of tattoos to the next level

We know that many people interpret tattoos differently. There are those who thinks tattoos are sexy depending on where you have your tattoo and the kind you have, and they also use tattoo as a beauty mechanism. However there are those who think that tattoos are for people who comes from prison. This is because almost all of the people who came back from prison had tattoos and some would even think that tattoos are connected to Satanism. This is because sometimes people makes tattoos that are so scary and you can only ask yourself why without getting any answer.

We have compiled a list of tattoos that went terribly wrong and some of them might have just been a simple mistakes but with some you can see that it was just a total fail.

When you decide to have a tattoo, you should really think hard about this choice because it is a life long choice. Just imagine making a life long mistake? You will live to regret it especially if you go to those tattoo artist who take chances. Ensure that you go to the right people and stop making short cuts. They don't always work.

This person will now have to live with this senseless meaning for the rest of his life.

Having a monster tattoo on your forehead is a clear indication of a monster. There is no need to second guess him. When he says that he is a monster, believe him.

When you want to have something written on your tattoo, atleast just ensure that you goggle it out so that you do not make spelling mistakes, because now it looks awkward reading a tattoo that does not have a meaning.

I think God might be able to forgive him but as for that monster, not sure what will happen when he finally meets with his God.

It seems like this one was able to see before hand that he will regret the tattoo but went ahead and made that tattoo anyway. Now he definitely regret it.

Just wonder what happens at the Golden

Yes it is definitely your life no doubt about that.

This is Drake's number one fan and she is not hiding it.

If this was my family tradition, I would definitely asked to be excused from the family because it is just no t on.

But what will happen when you want to wear the sandals? This is going to be chaos. You will look like you are wearing All Star sandals.

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