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You may not know, these important benefits of walnut peel

 By the way, walnuts are very beneficial for health. At the same time, its peel is also a lot of useful things. Let us tell you that to make hair beautiful, humans adopt many different methods. Also, due to changing food habits, hair starts turning white before age, which people do not do to color it. At the same time, many people are fond of coloring their hair differently, due to which they use chemical dyes. Using them damages the hair, but can also dry them naturally, let us tell you some tips…

 Beneficial Walnut Peels: Grind the peels of walnuts and boil them in water. Apply it on the hair when it cools down. Wash off with water afterwards. This will make your hair color brown.

 Use Herbs: Let us tell you that hair can be colored with herbs too. Use hibiscus, marigold and rose flowers to color the hair red. They should be boiled in water and applied to the hair after it cools down.

 Color your hair with tea: You can also color your hair with chamomile tea. Put three to five tea bags in two cups of hot water and apply it on the hair after it cools down. Wash off with water afterwards.

 Use coffee: Use coffee to hide your white hair. Make strong coffee and let it cool. After cooling, mix a spoonful of conditioner in it and apply it in the hair. Wash the hair after some time.

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