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Skin Care

Sh0ck Lady reveal how she keep her face this beautiful and smooth for less than R50

It's no secret it's every girl's dream to look young and beautiful, but because some skin products are expensive so it's a bit hard to find things you can apply to your face and keep you looking young and amazing. That's why people end up using these creams they find on the streets Leaving them messed up, the painful part about those creams is that they mess up their faces.

But you will be shocked that there are many ways to keep your skin looking young and radiant by not having to pay a lot of money, or even going on the streets buying creams that will leave your skin burned and painful.

Sharing it's carrying it's not every day whereby you will find a woman who will share a secret on they how keeping their skin looking beautiful unless they are the owner of the product, and they are promoting it for people to buy it so that she can gain something.

A lady took to her social media account to share how she keeps her skin looking the way it does in just less than R100 you can get your skin looking as amazing as hers, and it didn't take her that long she says she's been using this ointment for about 3/4 months now, and she got the best results, she also added that she washes her face with dove soap and moisturize with this. She also added that she uses Ponds micellar water, but only when she wants to remove makeup, which is seldom, They call it istaptap, doesn't have a name. You'll find it at Hoppies pharmacy and it's R30.

A lot of girls, women, and ladies have skin problems and with summer coming they want to show off their beautiful faces, but you can't do that if you have a skin problem, acne is a serious thing, you can even end up spending a lot of money just to look good. And most teenagers also have the same problem more especially when they reach the puberty stage, though she didn't say it's suitable for people at what age, I guess you will have to ask when you get there. But she did mention that she has sensitive skin which means anyone can use it, it's probably not that hush. That's her face before she started using the product

There's no harm in trying your luck, let's hope it works for you they it did for her all the best of luck

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