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Kylie swimwear got slammed by viewers.

Kylie Jenner, a businesswoman, a model, and a media personality recently opened a collection, Kylie Swim on September 17th. She is known for her Kylie Cosmetics and people were loving her collection, so this one should get a good payout and review. Unfortunately, things went south for her business. It all started on Tiktok when her customers started giving bad reviews about her swimwear collection. Some complained that their swimwears were "see-through", some were sewed by easy torn-off material, and others even complained that theirs have poor quality stitches. They made all sorts of comments and it went viral and created an angry mob wanting a refund.

Unfortunately, for most businesses to correct their mistakes and make sure that customers get satisfaction, kylie swimwear hasn't released a statement to verify mistakes. One of the comments from Tiktok said, "Kylie is a millionaire, she will never care about your reviews. As long as you're buying her stuff, she will continue to get richer without you." That's shocking to hear since she is a public figure.

It isn't over yet, in fact, more people are giving bad reviews even on Instagram and Twitter and it now links to her other businesses such as Kylie Cosmetics. They are trashing her make-up that is not what they are looking for, the foundations do not even stay on their faces for long. Will it ever end?

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