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The Brands for Women’s Watches

We’ll take a look at brands for Women’s Watches! Women love to look amazing ! And a watch can definitely make you look good. If it’s expensive and it shines on your hand, you’ll turn some heads after you. Every woman needs a stylish watch, not for telling you what time is it, but as a fashion accessory. The problem is that, one it’s not enough. Never ! Even if we talk about watches, shoes, perfumes, lipsticks and everything a woman want. They’re never enough. So, they’re a lot of Brands for Women’s Watches and we will present the best of them.

Let’s take a look and choose who will be the best for you !


The Guess brand is not only specialized in watches. They also product a wide range of jewelry, perfumes and a clothing line.

Guess unveils a modern chronograph timepiece with silver details this season.

It has become a leader on trendy and fashionable watches.

Their watches are funky, yet sophisticated, great for a dinner or to work.

Here are some of my favorites:

Brands for Women’s Watches Top 7 <a class=Brands Women Watches: Guess" height="335" width="700"/>

Top 7 Brands Women Watches: Guess



If you’re on Ealuxe you’re no stranger to the Versace brand, but just in case:

Versace, is an Italian fashion company founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.

Gianni Versace was killed on July 15, 1997. His sister Donatella Versace, formerly vice-president, then stepped in as creative director of Versace.

Their women’s watch designs speak for themselves.

These beautiful, classy watches are a must !

Brands for Women’s WatchesBrands for Women’s Watches

Dolce& Gabbana

Dolce & Gabanna designs great clothes and perfumes, but their women’s watch section is off the chain.

Every watch design looks so different from the next.

If you look for a watch but not necessary want it to look like a watch, then you need to hit up a Dolce & Gabbana women’s watch.

Their collection is so impressive, and I guarantee that you won’t leave the store without a watch.

That of course if you’ve got the budget for it because they don’t come cheap!

Brands for Women’s WatchesBrands for Women’s Watches


Fossil is an American designer and manufacturer of clothing and accessories, primarily watches and jewelry.

It also makes watches for brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Adidas, Burberry, Emporio Armani and many others.

All of the watches they produce are decently expensive and have a high quality.

They combine sophisticated stylish design with classical ones. 

Compared to the other luxury brands Fossil watches can be affordable and stylish at the same time, that’s why we’ve ranked it 4th!

Brands for Women’s Watches


Dubbed the most desirable luxury brand in the world Gucci is the quintessential high-end design house.

By combining Italian craftsmanship and innovative boldness, Gucci has continued to be in the forefront of the latest fashion trends.

Gucci’s quality has kept the design company in the highest of the famous and rich. G

ucci watches are sleek and modern.With ultra-stylish, this luxury brand has created artful watches that communicate expensive and good taste.

Brands for Women’s Watches


Burberry has expanded its global presence to become one of the most recognized luxury brands out there.

Watches and other non-apparel accessories are Burberry’s largest sellers.

The Burberry brand is affordable luxury at its finest.

Burberry watches have a classic, almost conservative styling that I know you’ll love!

Burberry brings that British sophistication to the strong independent woman that chooses one of their watches!

Brands for Women’s Watches


Rolex is and has always been the #1 luxury brand when it comes to watches!

Long before Rolex was an emblem of prestige, it was the defining image of precision.

Rolex watches define luxury by marrying a wide range of materials and colors into a union marked by precision.

A single Rolex watch may be made of high-grade stainless steel as well as white gold and adorned with diamonds.

supply-discount-rolex-watches-for-men-and-women-Brands for Women’s Watchesrolex-watches-for-woman Brands for Women’s Watches

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