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What you should know in the act of farding

By Phumudzo Munyangane

We apply make up for different reasons, some do it to enhance their facial features and some do it to boost their confidence however everyone is beautiful. Applying make up is not as easy as it may seem, effort and creativity should be well applied in the process.

As we grow, our abilities and knowledge expand day by day and for that we should always know that age is just a number and doesn’t determine what you can do or can’t. A young Professional Beautician by the name of Irene Mokoena, born and bred in the dusty streets of Khutsong in Carletonville, Irene disclose to have always loved beauty when she was still in high school and knew right there what she would pursue after her studies.

Irene who is in the act of making her own beauty supplies and longing to be a successful entrepreneur gives some insight into the beauty industry.

She said, being a make up artists is not as easy as people think it is. It is not a 5 minutes thing where you get to just mix foundation then done. “Being creative takes time hence it is always important to ask your client if they have a specific look they want to go for,” she said.

Clients sometimes go for a look that doesn’t best suit them, Irene said as a make up artist you should sometimes suggest the make up suitable for a client and that helps to protect the reputation of your work.

According to Irene, it is almost every make up artist nightmare to put on a liquid eyeliner because it mostly smudges if the client fails to close their eye shut, to rectify that she quickly take wet wipes and some ear buds to quickly fix the damage done.

Likewise, we as people have different skin types so it is always advisable for a make up artist to always have different products to accommodate all clients.

Interacting with clients day before their actual appointment date is crucial to Irene because it lets her gather all the background information of their skin type so she can know the moisturiser, face primer and foundation to use.

A self taught Make up artist who later on took an advanced class to enhance her skills advices people to always use products that are suitable for their skin type and keep their brushes and beauty blenders clean as there’s high possibility that they carry germs if not cleaned regularly and that may lead to skin problems such as irritated skin, pink eye, clogged pores.

Being professional as she is, a mobile make up artist said she charges per person and per km if she’s doing a house calls. The encouragement to learn and to keep so focused comes from her mentor Ausi Prudence Maseko from Beauty By Pru who supported her throughout her beautician path.

She also mentioned YouTube to be the one to acquire some knowledge from and that helps her to grow and to keep introducing new ideas to grow as a brand.

She believes what sums up her beauty business is patience, time management, creativity and knowing how to work under pressure. Time is what she respect most, she respect client’s time and expect them to do the same.

As time goes on, she wishes to open an agency that will work hand on hand with the department of education to give them a spot to also be included in career exhibitions so that we teach the future generations about the beauty field.

Content created and supplied by: Phumu98 (via Opera News )

Irene Khutsong Phumudzo Munyangane


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