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Face mites live within hair follicles of human skin

Demodex folliculorum is a type of face mite that lives within the hair follicles of human skin , and is known for feeding off our dead skin cells.

The face is the most common place of where these mites live , however they tend to be more prevalent on places of the human body such as eye lashes , as well as around the eye . The reason as to why we are not able to see these mites with our naked eyes is because they are microscopic in size .

Symptoms of having a large infestation of face mites include:



Itchy skin

Scaly skin

Having a small amount of face mites is not a problem. Some people do not even know they have face mites unless if they get tested. One causes of mites is it being spread by direct contact with someone else who has them. People who have a week immune system , acne , and skin infection have a higher chance of contacting face mites .

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